Our Mold Remediation Clients Are Saying…

I can’t thank you enough for the job you and your team did on the shortest of notice. Your offer to have your team start at 3 am to be able to accommodate our need to see patients was above and beyond even my wildest expectations.

Obviously in our line of business, discretion is of the utmost importance and your team handled things perfectly throughout the course of their work.

I honestly can’t believe that you were able to get everything done that needed done in the time frame in which you did it. The financial impact of closing for those three days was minimal compared to what it could have been had your team not been able to start right away and work so efficiently.

Your team was a pleasure to work with, very respectful of our needs, and professional from top to bottom.


Steven J.


I have been meaning to email your company for the past few weeks and just haven’t had a chance. I only had your email address so I would appreciate if you could pass this along to the owner (Bill was his name. I think??). Anyway, I don’t know if you remember but the main reason we were having our house checked for mold and then fixed was because I had a miscarriage in June of 09 and then we had been infertile for a year following the miscarriageChristin Bullerdick American Mold Experts Testimonial.

The only thing we could figure out was that it had something to do with the house because all of my problems started 6 months after moving into our house. Anyway, we were pretty amazed to find out that 3 months after having our house fixed we found out we were pregnant. Nothing else really changed except the house so we firmly believe the issue was the mold. After my miscarriage we were told that any future pregnancies would probably be high risk and I would be on a daily medication to sustain the pregnancy until the 2nd trimester.

I was on the same medication with the first miscarriage but it didn’t work and the problem that I had was more likely something that wouldn’t go away. So anyway, when we found out we were pregnant we were very nervous and since it was considered high risk, I was having blood drawn every 48 hours.

The doctors were pretty amazed to find out that this pregnancy was perfectly healthy and normal like that of my girls’ pregnancies. I was never put on medication but was still considered high risk through the first trimester. I had three healthy ultrasounds during that time and now that I am in the second trimester and have had no complications, they have taken me out of the high risk category. We are so thankful that we found your company and that you guys were so willing to work with us to get it done quickly and to work with us regarding the payment.

Thank you so much!
Christin Bullerdick

Christian Help American Mold Experts TestimonialWe (Christian Help, Inc., a small non-profit organization that helps the homeless and near homeless in Johnson County, IN) called Julie and American Mold Experts regarding an 8,000 sq. ft. abandoned building that CHI was looking at to make into a shelter. We were told that the building had been sitting for a couple of years and that the owners thought they had shut off all of the water, but that wasn’t the case. When the winter came, the sprinkler system busted and well the building is now covered in mold and falling apart.

I knew to call American Mold Experts, because I had met with them when they joined the Greater Greenwood Chamber of Commerce. Mark and Bill came out and met us at the building. Some of the people in our group were afraid to enter the building, and Bill and Mark told me not to worry that they would go in and check it out and let us know if it was safe to enter. Well the building is so covered in mold and is falling apart that they told us it wasn’t safe to enter it without the proper clothing and masks. Both Mark and Bill were extremely helpful in answering our questions and fears. They took pictures of the building and emailed them to us, so we knew how bad the situation really was.

I am so appreciative to them both for all of their help and expertise knowledge in dealing with a situation like this. If you have mold concerns and questions, give American Mold Experts a call.

Leslie Myrick, President
Christian Help, Inc.

For the past several months, my family had been sick with sinus and respiratory problems. Our six year old daughter had ear and sinus infections repeatedly. Everyone was onMarilyn D American Mold Experts Testimonial one antibiotic after another and all 3 of us had been to see an ENT Specialist. Our new puppy even had runny draining eyes. Putting all those things together, I felt there was a possibility we were all being exposed to something that was making us sick. I found American Mold Experts via the internet. I called late on a Saturday afternoon and I was surprised when someone actually answered the phone. I explained our situation and American Mold Experts was at our house on Monday evening (which was the time that was convenient for us). During the inspection, American Mold Expert’s found slight mold in the basement on an upstairs floor joist. For just a few hundred dollars we could have an air sample done to validate the quality of our air within the home. We felt it was a small price to pay for peace of mind…as well as…we would undoubtedly pay that in health care deductibles if there was a problem with our home and it went untreated. Within 48 hours the air sample was returned and showed higher mold counts inside the home than what was showing on the outside of the house. After further inspection we found the cause of the problem to be that a dryer vent was not properly venting to the outside and the moisture from the dryer exhaust was venting in the ceiling of the basement causing mold to form on the floor joists. We corrected the dryer vent problem and American Mold Experts came within days to remediate the visible mold, fog the entire basement and treat the air ducts within the house. We only had to be out of the house for the day and we didn’t have to have any invasive construction work done.

Immediately after the house was treated our sinus and respiratory problems subsided. Even the puppies eyes no longer need drops. American Mold Experts was responsive to our needs, professional in their approach and effective with their solution to our problem. I would recommend them to others without hesitation.

Marilyn D., Indianapolis, IN

Excellent. Had two other mold quotes and their non-destructive approach was much more economical. Their work passed the approval of my insurance and mortgage holder requirements. They provided additional information required by their excessive due diligence.

T. Greene, Indianapolis, IN

We had received a quote from another contractor to remediate what we believed was mold in our basement. We asked American to also give us a quote. American tested the suspected area first and was able to confirm it was not mold but dirt. We were very happy that their first goal was to identify the problem rather then just sell us the services.

Kevin K., Indianapolis, IN


Victoria Brown American Mold Experts Testimonial“I have had mold allergies and asthma since I was a child. It has been well controlled for years on medication. But recently after experiencing a leak in our bathroom plumbing we discovered mold in our bathroom and my daughter’s bedroom closet.

Night after night my 3 yr old daughter was experiencing a hacking cough that disturbed her sleep. And I ended up in the hospital with an asthma attack when I was seven months pregnant. I told my physician we were experiencing mold at home and he ran a mold sensitive panel (blood test) which came back showing extremely high mold counts.

American Mold Experts were called in for remediation and we only had to be out of the house several hours. The next day I was feeling so much better and I moved my daughter back into her room. She is sleeping soundly at night with no more night coughing and I have had no more asthma problems!

It’s incredible the change in how much better we are feeling thanks to American Mold Experts

Victoria Brown, Indianapolis, Indiana

They cleaned it up, and everything went fine. My wife is allergic to mold, and she seems to be doing a lot better now. We were very happy with them and would certainly use them again.

Kirk B., Fishers, IN

My wife, whom is a realtor and I bought a home with the idea of fixing it up for resale. After purchase we realized it had a mold problem that extended not only in the house but crawl and attic. We found a buyer but felt we could not jeopardize my wife’s reputation as a trusted advisor in her reality practice so we felt it necessary to call in a professional for the treatment of the mold. We found American Mold Experts used a non-destructive method that would not require us to rip everything out saving us thousands. In addition to our interest in the non-destructive treatment their treatment included after testing by an independent national lab. This gave us and the new owner peace of mind. The new owner has the 100% Money Back Guarantee and One Year warranty that was transferable. We highly recommend the experts at American Mold Experts which saved our sale and saved us thousands!

Mike & Marie Nolan

I own and manage several rental properties. As a landlord I received one of those terrible phone calls that my tenant had mold in their house and they were attributing their infant son recent/persistent illness to the mold. For a landlord this is not the call you want to ever receive. After investigation, sure enough my lawn care service had knocked off the downspouts which had allowed the spring rains to flow directly to the crawl space. And now there was mold growing up the wall in the back bedroom. I called to have testing done and treatment. American Mold Experts made it easy with their non-destructive, natural treatment. Their treatment included the after testing which was just what I needed for clearance and to give peace of mind to my tenant. Thanks to American Mold Experts, my tenants are happy and so am I. I will be calling them for any future needs. Thanks. If you have any questions regarding their service, feel free to email me.

Sue Richmond

The flood of 2003 left a lasting impression on one North Salem man long after water levels had gone down. Brad’s current residence, then occupied by the previous owner, had been impacted in the form of mold discovered in the basement.

Brad called American Mold Experts in Plainfield, a business referred to him by his realtor. The results, says Brad, went well beyond merely satisfactory: “As a customer, everything was forthright. They explained everything to me very thoroughly and it minimized the effort required to take care of the problem. Everything was hassle-free, to be honest with you.”

Brad North Salem