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Mycotoxin Remediation Services in Avon, IN:

Reducing Contamination at Home

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds produced by certain types of mold and as the name implies are very toxic to humans and animals. Exposure to mycotoxins can lead to serious health problems, such as liver damage, neurological damage, immune system suppression, and even cancer. More doctors, natural path doctors and functional med doctors are doing more patient testing especially when a patient is not improving with traditional treatments. Mold and mycotoxins can often mimic other health affects and mold can often be the last cause explored.
Mycotoxins can remain in a home even after professional mold removal and mold clearance pass, therefore we suggest environmental mycotoxin testing to our mold remediation clients. If you or someone in your family just never seems to get better with traditional treatments then mold/mycotoxins can be the cause. Dr. Richie Shoemaker was the first to publish that 1 in 4 individuals has a gene in their body that makes them more susceptible to mold and the mycotoxins they produce.
Most of us have not heard of mycotoxins but testing for mycotoxins have been around for many years. One of the most commonly tested mycotoxins is aflatoxin, which is produced by Aspergillus fungi common in homes and can contaminate a wide range of crops, including peanuts, corn, coffee, and rice. Other mycotoxins commonly tested for include ochratoxin, fumonisin, and deoxynivalenol. Our lab tests for 15 types of mycotoxins in the environment and can also test your body through a urine test.
Mycotoxins can remain in a home even after professional mold removal and mold clearance pass, therefore we suggest environmental mycotoxin testing if you have had your home remediated and not seeing results.
Mycotoxin Removal Services
Mycotoxin removal services refer to the process of completely eliminating mycotoxin contaminants from your indoor environment. Mycotoxins are toxic substances produced by certain types of molds. Mycotoxin removal services are critical to protecting the safety of your environment.
Physical Treatment
We employ a very thorough cleaning process that is very labor intensive. Mycotoxins like to circulate through a home in our home super highway…HVAC. Then land where they can easily be absorbed or inhaled. A fine particulate cleaning treating every surface is required. This includes using a tooth brush to clean groves in ornate furniture, pulling drawers out to clean inside the cavity and exterior of the drawer. Utilizing HEPA vacuum, electrostatic sprayer, foggers, microfiber cleaning cloths and wall pads, wiping or HEPA vacuum the underside of furniture and much more.
Mycotoxin removal services are critical to ensuring the safety and quality of your indoor environment. By employing various methods and fine particulate cleaning, we effectively eliminate harmful contaminants.

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