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If mold remediation is recommended, it means there is enough mold damage to be a danger to the people that frequent the property or the property itself. Mold and mildew only needs three things to grow – oxygen, food, and water. Since oxygen is almost anywhere above sea level and mold eats almost any surface, the secret to mold prevention is moisture control. If a water intrusion of any kind occurs inside of your home or business, it is important that the water dries within 48 hours. This is typically the amount of time that it takes before a contamination problem can occur and mold colonies will form. If mildew or mold does grow and you’ll need professional mold remediation, and you can count on American Mold Experts!

When to Consider Mold Remediation

If your home or business is contaminated, you should get a mold remediation immediately, along with mycotoxin testing. Even a small amount of mold can be dangerous. A specific danger level has not been set by governments because its effects on most people can vary. One person may have minor affects, while another person in the same property may have major reactions. The famous mold doctor Dr. Shoemaker, now retired from practice has indicated that 1 in 4 carry a gene that makes them more susceptible to mold toxicity or he coined CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome).

So why do we suggest for you to get rid of any amount of mold even though there’s no law to determine a ‘danger’ limit? Well, although the effects on people may vary, long term exposure is likely to cause harm to most people. Some effects may not present themselves for years and can cause doctors to mistake the symptoms as another illness.

For example: a person can move into a moldy home and ignore the problem because it doesn’t seem to cause any harm. Years later, this person begins to suffer from memory loss and his doctor mistakes the memory loss as a part of the aging process. As a result, more symptoms begin to reveal themselves since long term exposure weakens the immune system and lungs. Furthermore, he grows very ill and encounters a number of health problems that could affect him for the rest of his life. This is a scenario that could have been avoided with a simple mold remediation.

Other diagnoses that may be mold related is Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, cancer, abdominal pain, neurological damage including numbness, tingling, metallic taste and vertigo as well as memory loss or the ability to concentrate.

So to be safe, any time there is active growth, you should consider a mold remediation, as recommended by the EPA and mycotoxin testing. Also, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or a ‘safe’ mold that grows indoors.

Where Is Mold Commonly Found?

Mold has the ability to grow almost anywhere in your home or business. It thrives in temperatures that humans are also comfortable in and can eat most of the objects in your home. The only missing ingredient is moisture. Once moisture enters an area and stays for a few days, that area is likely to become contaminated. The areas in your home or business where moisture and humidity levels are high includes the crawl space, attic, closets, basement, kitchens and bathrooms. These are areas where you should keep your eye on, yet remember that it could grow in any room of the property.

Additionally, another common problem our team often sees is HVAC units putting out high humidity into the home or business. There are several common causes for this issue and they can be remedied, but what is key for businesses and homeowners is that some of the most common and toxic mold species grow and colonize with just high humidity and can look like simple dust.

How to Choose a Mold Removal Process

When your home or business becomes contaminated, there are usually two options. These options include hiring experts and doing it yourself. So, how do you decide? The decision comes down to the amount of contamination. If the affected area is 9 square feet or smaller, the EPA states that do-it-yourself methods can be effective; however, we recommend a mold remediation if mold covers more than 9 square feet. But don’t forget the “invisible” mold that might have transferred through the air and HVAC as mold colonies disperse spores routinely. Also, you should consider a mold remediation if older people, babies or someone with a weakened immune system are in the property often.

American Mold Experts Mold Remediation Process

We know and understand that if the mold remediation steps are not done thoroughly, then mold can return. Our process ensures a proper mold removal.

  1. Stop any water leaks and moisture access: We will assess the property to discover how excess moisture has gained access. If we have the ability to correct the issue, we will provide a solution. If we do not have the ability to handle the moisture issue, we will recommend a company that specializes in water services.
  2. Prepare the property for remediation: A team of experts will arrive at your home or business. They start with the protection of themselves and your property. The team will use HEPA vacuums to sweep furniture and heavy dust areas.

Remediation Process

  1. Remediation: We apply a fog of MTR94® in each area that needs remediation. The fog of MTR94® is maintained during a wipe down of all surfaces to capture spores that will be released into the air.  Our wipe down includes areas like behind and under furniture, commonly reached areas and inside of drawers.  In crawlspaces and attics, we fog the area and apply a more aggressive scrub of joist and rafters. HVAC is also typically included in interior remediation to remove the dust that mold and mycotoxins like.

Post Remediation Process

  1. Clearance Test: After treatment, a mold test is conducted on all warrantied jobs. We feel it is important to conduct our clearance testing at least 72 hours after the completion. If a humidity or water problem was not taken care of, or any areas were missed, mold will start to grow within 24-48 hours due to its microscopic nature. Testing after 72 hours gives a more accurate result. As our contract states if the levels are not acceptable according to our stated standards we will retreat that area at no additional charge.
  2. We’re Here for You
    Often times, the effects of contamination does not end after the removal. There are several mold related health problems that could remain after the remediation. We are friends with doctors who focus on mold illnesses and these relationships help us make the best recommendation for customers
    who are in need of mold toxicity treatment. 
  3. We Really are the Mold Experts
    Many companies provide mold remediation services as a side job, the American Mold Experts team eat, sleep and breathe it. Our team is certified by the Professional Mold Inspection Institute to remediate residential and commercial properties. To make sure that our team remain experts, we continuously educate our team on the industry, new technologies, strategies,
    research etc. Additionally, we attend numerous annual industry conferences, including medical-based conferences with leading doctors coming together to discuss and share on toxic mold patients and treatment protocol.
  4. Our Remediation Process is Safe
    Remediation strategies often contain chemicals and methods that can be harmful to the health of humans and pets. American Mold Experts uses MTR94®, an enzyme blend that eliminates mold without destruction to your home. MTR94® is 100% organic and is a “green product,” safe for humans, animals and the environment.
    It is our proprietary blend developed over years of research and testing.
  5. We Offer a Money Back Guarantee
    After a mold remediation, a third party lab will verify post-remediation results. If this test fails, we will return until the job is complete
    and the environment is mold safe.

Removing mold is a step by step process. Proper and effective removal requires process knowledge and patience. Hiring the right professional is key. There are tons of mold removal companies out there, don’t just hire anyone. Do your research. Look at reviews. Ask questions and pinpoint the best mold remediation company near you.

Did you know 25% of the population has a gene that makes them more susceptible to mold and the toxins mold produces. We often come across families where one member is more affected by mold being present than other members.

As a professional mold removal company, American Mold Experts would advise anyone that has a known contamination problem in their home or business to take care of it as soon as possible. Mold carries many dangers that could cause health problems ranging from nausea to death. Infants, older adults, pregnant women and anyone with a weak immune system have a much higher risk at suffering from an illness.