Many of our clients have mold toxicity that is affecting their personal health or the health of a family member. In those situations we make a professional referral to a doctor in the Indianapolis area that is especially trained to deal with a person who is thinks they may be affected by mold toxicity.

The referral we make is only for those clients we have personally worked with and are indeed "our clients", due to the nature of a professional referral and at the request of the doctor who request we send only "pre-qualified" individuals and families.


If you are a current client please call our office to request the pass code. After you enter the pass code you will complete a form that will go directly to the doctor office. No one from our organization will view your request or comments.

If you are not our client and suspect you have a mold issue, please call our office for an inspection, environmental testing or with questions 317-837-6665 or click here, complete form and someone from American Mold Experts will call.

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