American Mold Experts Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty*

American Mold Experts Money Back GuaranteeAt AME we take the mold removal treatment of your home very personally. Our goal is to restore health to your home or business by treating the mold issues so you can live safely with confidence.

We treat mold with our very own formulated MTR94 ® . We always return for post-testing and present an after report from a nationally recognized independent 3rd party environmental lab. Lab results will show a significant improvement to the interior levels of live mold and will not exceed the outside baseline total levels or you will receive a 100% refund. Due to the microscopic nature of mold, we reserve the right to re-treat if necessary to get the most favorable results and to obtain further clearance testing, at our expense.

We guarantee that no visible mold will reoccur in the treated areas for a period of ONE YEAR or we will re-treat at no charge. We also offer a lifetime warranty, for a minimal fee, which guarantees that no visible mold will reoccur in the treated areas. In order to be eligible for the lifetime warranty, you MUST allow us to inspect a minimum of once per year and you MUST participate in our Renewal Maintenance Program.

Our guarantee is fully transferable.

(See warranty agreement for full details.)