Mold Inspection

Our mold services include inspection, testing and remediation. Inspections are provided through Enzcycle Labs. Enzycle Labs is a 3rd party company. Inspections include examination of the property grounds, building exterior, crawl space, attic and interiors. We assess the property to determine the cause of contamination, identify active growth and sample infected areas. Once the inspection is complete, a report is provided to American Mold Experts and an advisor will make suggestions on how to approach the moisture issue and the infected area(s). Contact us for an inspection fee quote today.

Mold Testing

Our services also include mold testing, which is also provided through Enzcycle Labs. Testing is conducted to assess the level of contamination and the type of mold. We compare the results with the base standards to determine the saturation level in the air. Each sample taken follows a chain of custody to a 3rd party lab. A full report will be provided with the advisor’s suggestion. The turnaround time for test results is  24-48 hours. On full warranty jobs, post remediation tests are provided 72 hours after cleaning to ensure that all issues are resolved. Contact us for a quote.

Mold Remediation

Our remediation process is efficient. We know and understand that if mold isn’t removed properly, then it will come back. Our process insures that the cause is fixed and that it is removed.

  1. Stopping water intrusions and moisture is crucial. In most areas, we provide services to help with water and moisture issues. Our sister company, American Moisture Management, does crawlspace moisture control and basement waterproofing. We also provide emergency water mitigation service as well. When it comes to water issues, we have the solution!
  2. A team of trained professionals will arrive at your home or business for the remediation. Assignments will be given starting with the protection of themselves and the property. The team will use vacuums to sweep furniture and dusty areas. A fog of MTR94® will be applied in each area that has to be cleaned. This fog will be applied during a thorough wipe down of all surfaces. Crawlspace and attics are handled a little differently as far as the wipe down, but the area is fogged with MTR94® during the more aggressive scrubbing of joist and rafters.
  3. Air quality test.

Invisible Mold: It is microscopic. By the time you can see it, a 1″ square contains 65 million spores!

Mold Services - Penicillium & stachybotrys

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