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Many people often ask, “Do I have mold in my home?” Well, there are many symptoms that could suspect it, but there is only one sure way to discover if you have active growth in your home. Get a professional mold inspection. Keep in mind that you should hire a company that specializes in testing and remediation. It is common for HVAC companies, home inspectors, contractors, etc. to attempt mold inspections; however, they are unlikely to have the appropriate equipment to give an accurate answer.

Below is a list of times that you should consider getting a mold inspection.

  • When an earthy, wet smell is present.
  • When plumbing leaks or water issues have occurred and have caused surface to be wet for more than 24 hours.
  • When allergy like symptoms occur that didn’t exist before moving into your home.
  • When re-occurring or persistent health issues don’t seem to get resolved.
  • When moving into a new home (especially an older home).
  • When dust-like substance appears on vertical walls, doors and other objects.
  • When flood damage has occurred.
  • When there are visible water stains or leaky roofs.
  • When you see it.