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Many people don’t even realize that mold is lurking their bathrooms. It is such a sneaky form of life that it could be hiding in that stain that you think is an innocent water stain, the shower grout that you just think is just stained, the foggy mirror that you think is just old and needs to be replaced or even hiding in places where you can’t even see the symptoms. Bathrooms are one of the most mold-friendly rooms of any home or business. This is due to the amount of running water, steam, water pipes, and in some cases, the lack of ventilation. However, with just a little bit of effort, you can prevent bathroom mold.

How do I prevent bathroom mold?

The question of the day! Below are several tips and habits. Implement these tips within your home or business to help prevent it from growing.


One of the most important steps you can take towards bathroom mold prevention  is to always ventilate your bathroom. During showers, it is important that you run the fan. As a rule of thumb, it’s ideal to run the fan for 30 minutes after taking a shower. Also, if your bathroom has a window, opening the window during and after a shower could allow for excess steam and moisture to escape.


Keep a drain cleaning chemical, such as Drano, and a trusted plumber’s number at all times. All bathrooms eventually encounter their share of problems. Sometimes tubs and sinks clog and the water sits for awhile. Other times, toilets have one of their many problems such as overflowing. If you’re not dealing with one of those, you may be dealing with leaking or busted pipes. The truth to matter is that all of these problems can lead to active growth.


One of the best practices that you can implement to prevent contamination (and for many other reasons that I will not mention) is to clean your bathroom regularly. It is ideal to deep-clean your bathroom approximately once per week. We do not recommend bleach for cleaning it but you can definitely be use it to help prevent it from growing. You should clean the tub, shower (cleaning shower tiles will prevent that icky black stuff in the grouts), toilet, sink, mirrors, floor, and anything else that you have in your bathroom.

If there are symptoms that you have bathroom mold, contact the mold experts for a mold inspection and we will come out and get you a for sure answer. If you know that there is already mold in your bathroom, our mold remediation team will come out and take care of that as well.